Final Words from Nicola Savidge

As we say goodbye to Non-Executive Director Nicola Savidge, who comes to the end of her Board tenure, she shares her memories and accomplishments with us.

Nicola Savidge

Nicola Savidge

It’s been nearly three years since I joined Grassroot Diplomat, and what a journey it has been. The non-profit company has gone from strength to strength but not without its challenges. I am involved in finance, retail banking and consultancy and what makes Grassroot Diplomat great is the brilliance of the board of directors. Our Board come from different faiths, careers, backgrounds and ages, and it has been rewarding to see such diverse ideas coming from the boardroom. 

Grassroot Diplomat is currently divided into three areas: Annual Initiative Award, diplomatic leadership training and consultancy projects, which include the Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Sometimes, non-profits fail to achieve their potential because donors dry up but it is the board’s intention to ensure that Grassroot Diplomat is not reliant upon hand-outs. The idea behind the diplomatic leadership training is to provide both diplomats and businesses the skills to sell, using non-verbal communication and story-telling techniques. The training is a unique programme with the backbone of keeping the organisation afloat, and I have no doubt that this will lead the organisation to greater success.

My reason for joining Grassroot Diplomat was because I saw something of myself in our founder Talyn, when I was younger. The frustration of having your hands tied and wanting to desperately make a change is a key factor to Talyn’s determination to starting such a unique company. She shows strength and uses her intelligence and gifts to communicate with people at the highest level to make changes that are much needed. We can all see the problems that are unfolding in the world but many have the will, courage and determination to actually do something about it. We have had obstacles come our way but the challenges, and sometimes our failures, has helped define us and the path of the organisation. When I’m at the awards ceremony, I feel really humbled to be around the nominees and speakers who have strived to make such changes. The strength of their character is amazing and I am proud that we have been able to get them altogether in celebration, instead of woe. 

I am very keen to get the Corporate Social Responsibility projects underway and feel that better relationships with corporations can help us move the organisation to the next level. With our due diligence process and diplomatic leadership training, I hope companies will take steps to enhance their corporate responsibility agenda by joining our programme to protect vulnerable people, especially children. It should be everyone’s responsibility to ensure that children grow up to be emotionally stable adults.

The company is still young, and I am proud to be part of its growth and be involved with people who support Grassroot Diplomat. We have had great success networking and I am looking forward to the continued support that our partners provide. Thank you for reading this and please continue to be in touch.