Grassroot Diplomat Honouree Jeremy Corbyn becomes Labour Party Leader

Grassroot Diplomat Honouree Jeremy Corbyn becomes Labour Party Leader

Grassroot Diplomat is pleased to welcome Jeremy Corbyn as the new Labour Party leader. As one of the first Honouree of the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award, Mr Corbyn was recognised for his outstanding and numerous support to non-government organisations and civil society across the United Kingdom, both during his political, and non-political career. He is a serious and pro-people politician, consistently putting the concerns over the people first before and beyond political and party interests.

Mr Corbyn has been a vivid campaigner in a variety of international and domestic issues, including human rights, anti-terrorism laws and justice, pension provision, racism, and low pay, putting the grassroots at the centre of his beliefs and actions. As a Grassroot Diplomat, he represents the people through the betterment of society through his actions and agenda.

My Corbyn was given the Grassroot Diplomat Honouree alongside his colleague Tom Watson MP and Liberal Democrat Councillor Chris Maines, having lost out to the award to Baroness Blood MBE in its inaugural London ceremony back in 2013.

The Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award is a unique platform which recognises government officials who represent people at the highest level through policy, social action, and business initiatives.

Nominations for the 4th Annual Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award is now open and will be held in London on April 2016.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and rewarding outstanding candidates such as Jeremy Corbyn.

To nominate outstanding politicians an diplomats for the award, please visit: