Growing Expertise for the Diplomatic World

Vanessa Thevathasan (Non-Executive Director) offers a quarterly summary of Grassroot Diplomat's latest activities and innovations from July to September 2016.

Vanessa Thevathasan

Vanessa Thevathasan

Grassroot Diplomat has continued to innovate and expand, creating deeper connections between diplomats and civil society. This is in full credit to the leadership shown by our founder Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, a diverse Board, and a highly experienced Advisory Council.

New Non-Executive Members

We welcome our non-executive team Bruno Bastit - a specialist in corporate governance, Susanna Hughes - an advisor on media and diplomatic communications, as well as myself, a freelance journalist and researcher in the development field. To our Advisory Council, I would like to welcome economic advisor Pierre Heistein, international advisor Richard Griffiths, diplomat entrepreneur Alistair Starling, and legal practitioner Syed Ejaz Kabir, all of whom have delivered valuable advice and input in the last few months as we look to consolidate our presence on the global stage.  

New website

With growing expertise and capacity, we have revamped our digital presence with a much sharper, remodelled website. I encourage you to visit our site and explore the new look, together with the updated programmes and publications. As the United Kingdom enters new waters in the post-Brexit era, Talyn and her team have taken the step to provide a guide for diplomats and politicians on how best to navigate through these uncertain times, and positively and effectively represent civil interest. There is a useful article live on our website providing brief guidance on what Brexit means for diplomatic missions in the UK.

Launch of the new consultancy services

In a major new development for the company, we have recently introduced a new unique programme focused on digital communications for embassies. The Digital Diplomacy consultancy looks to tackle poor online presence of embassies that can often transfer to poor representation outside the digital sphere into the wider public. Inundated by news of division, social tensions, and inequality, we work to improve and promote community engagement to enable embassies to build stronger relationships with their diaspora and people from all sections of society. Our Public Diplomacy consultancy plays a key role in these extraordinary times. We need to see more positive diplomacy from our representatives and Grassroot Diplomat is leading in that drive. 

Get in touch

We must continue to collectively work together and address the challenges and issues of our time with creative and bold approaches.  We would like to thank our partners and all those that have supported and contributed in the vision and ideals of our organisation.  There is more on the horizon for Grassroot Diplomat in the coming months, and we look forward to working with you, hearing your ideas and insight. If you would like to contribute or would like to know more about our services, please contact our CEO Talyn on We would be delighted to hear from you.


Vanessa Thevathasan
Non-Executive Director