Hail the Diversity Champion Councillor Sanchia Alasia

Until politics is representative of women our thoughts and policy concerns will not be taken fully into account.
— Sanchia Alasia

Councillor Sanchia Alasia, policy winner for the 2014 Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award, was chosen for her work on equality and diversity. Successfully winning her position in May 2010 by unseating BNP member Robert Bailey, Cllr Alasia become the youngest woman on the council. Now, as part of the Labour Black Women’s network, Cllr Alasia mentors women as well as pointing them to shadowing opportunities, so that they can learn more about how to get involved in local politics and public life. Inspiration comes in many forms. For the Councillor, no other source of inspiration was more important than her family and childhood.

The Family

The head of the family is the heartbeat for strong foundation. Mothers, in particular, lead the  way in instilling positive messages of unlimited motivation to their children, which leads to the growth of future successful individuals. Sanchia’s mother served as a great source of inspiration. Her mother taught her from a young age that there is no such word as “can’t” and that women are able to achieve anything. As a mother of five young children, she was able to complete two degrees all whilst juggling family life, putting action behind her words of wisdom that there is no such thing in the world as “can’t”. 

The Three D’s

“Determination, dedication, and drive” is what Sanchia calls the perfect mélange of great leadership. Being honest and having strong moral principles are always important keys to play for developing ardent leadership. Someone with integrity is someone whose story and success is an example for others to follow. Someone willing to share their journey as to how they got to where they are today and mentor those looking to follow in their footsteps is an important part of leadership. We need positive role models who demonstrate the value of hard work and determination so people do not think there is a quick route to success; success is not given, it is earned.

The "Do as I Say" mentality

We all know many political leaders often fabricate an exceptional society far from the reality in order to lure their community into voting, but Sanchia denounces it is unfair to advocate for one thing and do the opposite. To her, it is best to have a diverse set of role models in our society today so that people have someone to look up to; one who has achieved what they wished and aimed to achieve, a positive role model who demonstrates the value of hard work and determination.

Motivation and Integrity

There are, of course, always the minority of diplomats and politicians who do not act with integrity but instead in their own self-interest; however the majority of politicians and diplomats do go into their fields to serve others. Sometimes because of the limited resources we have we are not able to achieve everything we want, but the drive to ensure fairness and equity should always be at the heart of our decision making. Staying motivated is often very tough, but receiving an award such as the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative award has helped reinforce Sanchia’s passion for encouraging and lobbying for more women to enter politics.