Hello! I'm Sandra Francius.

Sandra Francius

Sandra Francius

I joined Grassroot Diplomat as an intern back in 2012. I wanted to be a diplomat in France as I am a French national, but I got the opportunity to move and live in the UK. Being in London, I planned to work in the world of international relations but it wasn’t an easy task. While searching for an internship to complete my Masters’ degree, I came across Grassroot Diplomat. The organisation was exactly how I envisioned diplomacy, focusing on the grassroots, and social impacts of diplomacy and politics. Working with Grassroot Diplomat is working directly with key leaders and making sure that all their activities and campaigns have a positive social impact on the ground. The name says it all: we have the people’s interests at heart, and improve communication with government leaders. 

Thanks to Grassroot Diplomat, I learned to hone many transferable skills. Working remotely enables me to improve my organisational and communication skills. I had to carefully schedule my activities to meet my own deadlines, but also needed to regularly communicate with the rest of the team. Dealing with high profile people on a regular basis, I learned a lot on protocol and how to express myself properly.

I started to work on our inaugural Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award and learned about events management, from delegation relations to onsite management. Over the years, I received more responsibilities and I now manage my own team. I have been promoted to Events Director and manage all of our events from conception to completion.

With our wide range of services, governments can contact us to help us push forward their projects. However, Grassroot Diplomat is not only for governments. Companies and civil society can also benefit from our knowledge and insight. We host diplomatic leadership trainings, where diplomats and students can learn how to navigate in the diplomatic world. Our members have access to all this but also can come along to our events and network, be profiled in our magazines and volunteer in our work. There are so many opportunities for our members. It is a great stepping stone to a great career. 

Working for Grassroot Diplomat actually changed my own career path. I wanted to be a diplomat, but now I feel I can do so much more by being a global diplomat via Grassroot Diplomat. I have a better understanding of the diplomatic world and bigger opportunities to work with both governments and the grassroots.