Michael Teoh: Model Citizen of the Month

Dream big. Achieve big, and know that it is possible!
— Michael Teoh
Michael Teoh

Michael Teoh

Aged 29, Michael Teoh describes himself as an “Educational Entrepreneur” whose passion in helping young people unleash their true potential has led him to inspire 1,000,000 millennials to become change makers. His social company, Thriving Talents has conducted training sessions with Fortune 500 companies, NGOs and governments across 39 countries including presenting a workshop in the presence of President Barack Obama during his visit to Malaysia.

Michael has been running Thriving Talents since 2012. In 2014, his social business hit a milestone, having managed to raise funds from two angel investors and are also backed by a digital advertising agency and law firm based in Malaysia. In addition to that, Michael is a board member for several national-level and global-level NGOs, where he has been responsible in 'Training & Deploying' volunteers to emerging economies and third world countries to assist in humanitarian development efforts.

Michael is inspired by the notion of “Big dreams should excite you when you start to realise that” to the point where his positive attitude has led his company to becoming known as the youngest and rare talented development companies in Malaysia.

As Michael says: “Dream big. Achieve big, and know that it is possible!”

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