New Year, New Diplomacy

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, CEO of Grassroot Diplomat, puts her best foot forward for the new year. Check out her musings in her latest Founder's Blog.

Photo Credit:  Kipras Štreimikis

Photo Credit: Kipras Štreimikis

Goodbye 2018 and HELLO 2019!

As you can tell, I am feeling pretty happy, and why not! We have achieved so much last year that I am excited to do even more this year. And we are kick starting the year with some goodies, announcements and opportunities.


After the serving the Board for 5 years, we are pleased to announce that Dr Paul Clark, former government minister and Director of Gateway Associates, is stepping up as the new Acting Chair of Grassroot Diplomat. You will be hearing much more from him as our new guest in the upcoming Grassroot Diplomat Talks podcast from February, and we look forward to steering the organisation under his leadership.

The Board is still not full as we take our time in finding the right person. If you want to be considered as our board member, please apply here:


As we take the “Diplomatic Planner” on a UK road trip, we would like to offer you a big discount from £69 to £49 to welcome in the New Year. The Diplomatic Planner is a 12-month career development planner for international relations practitioners to help manage ethical dilemmas, how to work around red tape, managing conflicts of interests, and building a personal brand.

Use this code at checkout: NEWYEAR

The sale ends of 26 January, so hurry!


Since 2016, we have been working on the “Brexit Handbook” that provides strategies for diplomats on handling civil society crisis. On the back of Brexit, we are pleased to announce that this handbook will be available to the public and the diplomatic community from March 2019. We will be providing ministerial briefings and short summarises to diplomats of various posts and ranks from that time as a way to support demands from global governments. For more information, please contact us directly on:

I have kept this briefing short and sweet, as I continue to spend all hours providing you with content, strategies and information to make you the best diplomat. I look forward to hearing from you as we continue our journey forward.


My best,

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa
CEO, Grassroot Diplomat