Parliamentary Rock Band MP4 Nominated for Rocking Jams for Charities

London, UK – March 5, 2015 – Parliamentary rock bank MP4 has been shortlisted from over 100 candidates this year for the 3rd Annual Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award. The award recognises outstanding politicians and diplomats who are representing civilian interests at the highest level in areas of policy, social and business overall. MP4 is nominated for contributions to charities. 

Led by Rt Hon Sir Greg Knight MP (Conservative, East Yorkshire), Pete Wishart MP (SNP, Perth and North Perthshire), Kevin Brennan (Labour, Cardiff West), and former Labour MP Ian Cawsey, the band was formed in 2004 as the first and the world’s only Parliamentary Rock band.  

Since its inception, MP4 have used their love for music to help raise money for charity and to assist good causes. To date, MP4 have raised £1 million to support charities including Macmillan Cancer, Help for Heroes, Help a Capital Child, Swanborne School, Musicians Union, Pocklington Mayors Charity Appeal 2012, UK Music, World Animal Protection, and UK Tourism. The band plays 10-12 gigs per year, raising an average of £100,000 a year for its charitable cause.  

In December 2010 and 20122, the band performed a special New year’s Eve sell-out concert on the Terrace of the House of Commons with guests including Speaker Rt Hon John Bercow MP and Welsh singer Duffy with proceeds of CD sales going straight to charity. The group has backed a number of artists during their 10 year campaign, including vocalist Feargal Sharkey and former Radio 1 DJ Mike Reid. Their first album released in 1005 covered tracks by The Beatles, Steve Earle, and Wilson Pickett and the band continue to expand their track list year by year. The band also performs at Rock School once a year to encourage young students to learn and sustain the practice of playing instruments to be able to get better.  

The band demonstrates an excellent example of cross-party collaboration and is noted to practice after the House sits for the night in between parliamentary and constituency duties.

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, Executive Director of Grassroot Diplomat, said: “All too often, we hear stories of our governments not representing our needs but Grassroot Diplomat looks upon selfless individuals who work tirelessly for their communities. The award seeks to create a culture of positive role models within our governments which encourages others in power to follow suit.”

MP4 will be playing at the 4th Annual Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Awards for 2016 so watch this space.

Join MP4 and other government nominees for the gala dinner at The May Fair Hotel, London on Thursday 5th March 2015. For ticket information please visit: or call 07511 816689. 

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