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Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, CEO of Grassroot Diplomat, speaks of her new adventure in the United States. Check out her musings in her latest Founder's Blog.

Photo Credit:  Brandi Ibrao

Photo Credit: Brandi Ibrao

Once again, I have returned to expat life. I have packed up my life in Europe and have embarked on a new adventure in the United States. As I write this post bleary-eyed on route to my new home, my heart leaps with some of the amazing new challenges I will be tackling, giving me food for thought on how career diplomats pack up their lives every 3-4 years on a new mission. My journey is not a short stint though. I may be here for 4 years. I may be here for 40 years. Regardless, there is one thing I feel very sure of. I feel more British than I have ever felt in my own country.

Everywhere I go, curious faces peer over at me, trying to get a hint of where I am from and why I would be in Massachusetts. In local banks and post offices, I got the privilege to meet all of the staff because they want to meet the “Londoner”. I feel like a rare commodity in a small town and it makes me wonder what opportunities lie ahead for an experienced British expat in a small town who wants to make diplomacy inclusive to all.

Seeing that this is a new adventure for me, we decided that Grassroot Diplomat needed to seriously level up. So, we have upgraded the website and have added new services to serve new, incoming and active diplomats around the world.

Diplomatic Career Coaching

Whether you are starting out, looking for a career change, or eager to progress forward, our diplomatic career coaching sessions will help you figure out your next steps. We provide you with tailoured and highly personalised coaching to help you build a progressive, yet meaningful career in diplomacy and international relations that suits your skills, personality, interests and ambitions. We offer Premium Speed Coaching, 2 sessions Career Launch Counselling, and 4 sessions Career Diplomat Coaching.

Personal Branding for Diplomats

We specialise in bespoke personal brand coaching for diplomats of all countries, who want to improve their status, career and image. Diplomats – whether on an official, voluntary or honorary capacity, have the power to change negative stereotypes and misconceptions about their cause and country. Become an exemplary ambassador by using yourself as an example, and use this privilege to really drive change so that your life has a true and meaningful purpose. Choose between an hour speed session, a half-day session, or a full day in-house session.

Business Diplomacy Consultation

Grassroot Diplomat has worked with diplomats and foreign governments for a decade and we know how to access the market. Use our knowledge and expertise to learn how to tailour your business for a foreign government and diplomatic audience. This session is ideal for a non-government organisation.

Other exciting news! By the end of the year, I will have started a YouTube channel for Grassroot Diplomat to help people become diplomats in our modern society. Our Brexit Handbook project will be coming to an end with a list of embassy meetings and reviews taking place after April 2019. I will continue to do public speaking engagements to promote the Diplomatic Planner and expand our networks with some of the most amazing universities that America has to offer.

Most importantly, I will continue to stay positive and energised so that our clients are filled with hope and optimism during times of crisis and uncertainty. The work of diplomacy requires change on the ground and as a combined force, we ensure that people make informed decisions about their diplomatic careers so that they are able to promote the people’s interests, no matter who their government is.  


Serving your with love and hope,

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa
CEO, Grassroot Diplomat

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