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Albert Poggio: The Star of Gibraltar

A look into why Albert Poggio, the UK Representative of Gibraltar, became a grassroot diplomat in 2015.

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Grassroot Diplomat Announces Diplomatic and Political Award Winners

Diplomatic consultancy Grassroot Diplomat today hosted a star-studded even to announce the political and diplomatic winners for the 3rd Annual Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Awards at The May Fair Hotel. See who are winners are here.

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Representative of Gibraltar Albert Poggio Nominated for Award

Mr Poggio is nominated for his longstanding commitment to Gibraltar - UK relations. Mr Poggio has spent over twenty years strengthening political and business ties for Gibraltarians and British citizens alike. Mr Poggio came to post in 1988, where he established Gibraltar House in the Strand, London, as the official representative office for H.M. Government of Gibraltar in the United Kingdom.

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