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New Podcast: Is a Diplomatic Career for You?

There is almost a sense of mysticism when thinking of some of the amazing activities diplomats get up to. There are a lot of common stereotypes and misconceptions on the roles that diplomats play and all the amazing things they get up to around the around. Many times, simply the very idea of travel and living on the government’s dime is enough for people wanting to pursue a diplomatic career. But is that enough?

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New Podcast: Adapting to Culture and Personality

The Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations ensures that diplomatic practices are practiced in the same way, everywhere. All diplomats are therefore expected to conduct themselves in the same way but must be able to stay flexible around how they work around cultures.

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Grassroot Diplomat Launches New Website to Inspire a New Generation of Diplomats

Grassroot Diplomat, a non-profit diplomatic consultancy announced today the launch of its newly revamped website.

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