Creating the Best Diplomats

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, CEO, describes new programmes that Grassroot Diplomat is developing to ensure that we are creating the absolute best diplomats on the ground. See what she means in her latest Founder's blog.

Photo credit:  Simon Launay

Photo credit: Simon Launay

Under the guise of the US presidential election debates and moving parts of Brexit, the third quarter of 2016 has been an incredibly busy time for Grassroot Diplomat. As advised by the Board of Directors and Advisory Council, Grassroot Diplomat has taken a big leap forward in leading the diplomatic community in the digital engagement of diplomacy and management of civil society. We have all witnessed how poisonous the media can be when shaping foreign policy and it is our firm belief that all embassies have an opportunity and obligation to shape the debate, overcome stereotypes and crush negative misconceptions of their country, particularly when media images and debates harm the interests of the people on the ground.

There is no point just talking about issues. We must, in practice and reality, actively engage in delivering solutions we recommend to governments. For this reason, we have revamped our online communications to exemplify how powerful visual storytelling is in creating dialogue. We have also committed to creating the Diplomatic Leadership programme, where our training, coaching and development programmes will help to create the best diplomats of our generation, who foster innovation, represent their people, and effectively be the voice for their government. Through the programme, we will produce monthly podcasts and webinars for members to engage directly with me as the Founder, gain a deeper understanding on diplomatic leadership, and learn practical tools on how to innovate around government structures. This is a very important phase of our work as Grassroot Diplomat demonstrates itself as a dynamic, innovative and energetic leader within the diplomatic and international relations field. Over the coming months, we will be announcing the first set of webinar dates and will inform all of our followers when to expect the publication of our first podcast.

My team is also very busy working on several large projects. We are currently auditing digital communications of all diplomatic missions in the UK with an expectation of publishing a report on how each individual embassy can improve their online image and representation. We are also in the middle of writing our diplomatic handbook for Brexit which will be made available to all diplomatic missions in the UK and copies available via Amazon.

This is a very exciting time to be a part of Grassroot Diplomat so if you haven’t joined the organisation as a member yet, I recommend you consider reviewing our membership scheme. If you are a freelance consultant who would like to help engage with the consultancy on business development and project management, I would personally like to hear from you. We are also firing on with the organisation of the 5th Annual Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award for 2018 and looking for companies who would like to market their business to senior politicians and diplomats.


I am determined to see this consultancy grow at a global level and with your support, I look forward to seeing what amazing work my team and I can produce for you. Please get in touch and let’s see what great things we can accomplish together.

Yours truly,

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa