It Takes a lot to Impress Us

Founder and CEO Talyn Rahman-Figueroa re-caps the progress made by Grassroot Diplomat between March - July, 2015.

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa

We have just completed the successful completion of the third annual Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award, and I am happy to report that each year the calibre of nominees is getting better and better. The decision on the awards did not come lightly and heated debates between House of Lords peers, Councillors, and our leading Ambassadors cultivated a result that surprised us all.  

I have faith that the most intelligent people become not just Ambassadors, but Ambassadors who understand international movements and have a strong patriotic stance in standing by their country and constituents.There is no doubt that these qualities make good government leaders, but these are characteristics that, quite frankly, do not impress us.  

When looking for Grassroot Diplomats, we seek individuals who go beyond their job description and connect to their communities on such a deep level, that our inbox would have been flooded by waves of congratulations from their constituents and peers. Bringing in investment, organising cultural events,and attending community events are to be expected and rarely make our shortlist.
We look for the exceptional; those who think outside of the box, those who are ready to innovate so dramatically it surprises us, those who stretch their own time to commit themselves to other endeavours and are not afraid to speak their minds and try new things typically not expected of governments. 

In the face of adversity, we are noticing how government officials are being pushed to the edge to defend and support their people, this is especially true for the Arab region. In the face of the 2015 general election, we are already seeing riots and civil protests against a
system that some feel does not accurately portray representation, particularly where one million votes to the Green Party resulted in only one elected seat in Parliament. We may have small resources, but our standards are incredibly high. There is so much that Grassroot Diplomat can do to ensure the people’s interests are met both at home and abroad, but we are limited by resources that could open up golden doors to great opportunities.  

If you believe in us, support us! If you want to unlock our maximum potential and tap into our energy, fund us! If you want to be better represented, join us! If you want to differentiate yourself, become one of us!