The Realities of a Start-up Consultancy

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, CEO of Grassroot Diplomat, walks back on all the successes and failures as another decade comes to an end.

It’s October and there are only three months left before this decade is officially over. Does that scare you or elate you? We feel a little bit of both but we have achieved so much in this decade and we should be proud about it.

Since Grassroot Diplomat was founded, we had very little direction other than knowing full well that diplomacy didn’t belong to an elite class of people. We had a firm belief that diplomacy needed to be inclusive and that everyone plays a role in international relations in some shape or form.

Once we ironed out our mission, we had to sort out our business model which was a MESS! We didn’t know who we wanted to serve because – a rookie mistake typical for most start-ups – we wanted to help EVERYONE! But now, we work with two camps of people: established diplomats and aspiring diplomats. Both have a very different need and both are still wide enough for us to get our hooks into.

Next, we needed something to deliver. In the early stages of Grassroot Diplomat, we helped small non-governmental organisations get heard by their local government. It was great working with real grassroots organisations but funding was a big issue. As a non-profit organisation ourselves, getting funding for our work is a challenge. We couldn’t tap into government funding without damaging our non-political and independent streak. We couldn’t tap into angel investments because we couldn’t deliver a profitable share. And we couldn’t tap into crowd sourcing because we had yet to establish a product that was market tested.

But in the last two years, all that had changed. We developed products and services for global diplomats around the world in a way that serves them, their mission and their personal goals based on the years of failures we experienced. We travel around the world coaching, consulting and training diplomats to really represent their people and country. We created a self-development planner for those who are looking to start off on their own as diplomats and created an online academy so that anyone in the world can get intel on starting their diplomat journey.

What we cannot do is work pro bono because our work is too valuable and the time and money we have already invested in growing this organisation for humanity is too great. That is why we have created so many amazing free resources like our newly released YouTube channel that trains you on how to become a diplomat in this modern age.

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Serving your with love and hope,

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa