Why we are investing in Albanian Youths

The Balkans region currently faces a lot of challenges in youth policy within the civil society sector. An example of this Albania, a country making a transition from the communist ideology.

Young people are facing huge barriers in looking for ways to collaborate with the government, particularly in receiving support for their vision and work. This is why the work of Grassroot Diplomat is important for Albanian society and other Balkan Countries.

Grassroot Diplomat is a non-profit diplomatic consultancy with a mission to build trust and strengthen relationships between governments and civil society. Albania is just one of many countries where a lack of trust and communication exist between the government and its people.

Young people are losing hope as there is very little investment in the development of their, which is the biggest criticism the government is facing. The lack of collaboration between the government and civil society has led to a large flux of Albanians to migrate abroad, in hope for a better future.

Grassroot Diplomat recognises the rising talents of young people and has committed to bringing the first set of Diplomatic Leadership Training in the country’s capital city, Tirana for February 2016.

The Diplomatic Leadership Training program is a unique blend that combines the practices of diplomacy, the techniques of neuro-linguistic programming and the strategies of story-telling to provide you with skills to stay on top under high-pressured circumstances. Whether you are in business, government, or stepping into a public facing environment, this course is open to anyone wanting to lead and be more confident. 

Albanian diplomacy and their relevant institutions are dying off owing to daily corruption, forging a cycle of pessimism within individuals. There is a lot of regress in harnessing the talents of young people, lacking real training and development that makes a real difference to people. Organisations like Grassroot Diplomat are looking to push back on such non-commitment by breaking barriers into government.

The Diplomatic Leadership Training program is just one of many trainings that will be scheduled in the Balkan region with hopes of renewing development in one’s career. The Diplomatic Leadership Training program is a platform that will help you in your future so that you can one day be in a position of leadership and effect change between civil society and governments.

Let us help you become more influential, approachable, accessible, and better connected, because this only the beginning of Grassroot Diplomat’s connections to the Balkans.