Final Issue of Grassroot Diplomat Quarterly Out Now

This issue looks into eye-witness accounts of bigotry, xenophobia, and government shackles, with top tips on how to deal with government indiscretions.

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Do You Believe the Hype of Sensationalised News?

News that appeals more to the emotive and curious senses of the masses than that of accurate and unbiased journalism often results in “infotainment”.

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Unleashing Talent of Generation-Y

Consultant Khadija Hamouchi dives into the wide talents of young people that society has left behind.

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Introspective from Brexit and the end of 2016

Board Member Cherisse Rao summarises activities of September - December 2016 and provides hope for 2017.

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The Dual Mexican Year of Unity

As he starts an exciting new role in the United States, Ambassador Diego Gómez Pickering earned the Grassroot Diplomat Honouree award in 2016 for his work on the Dual Year of Mexico.

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Michael Teoh: Model Citizen of the Month

Educational entrepreneur Michael Teoh is helping young people unleash their true potential has led him to inspire 1,000,000 millennials to become change makers

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The Uncertain Storm: Fear and Loathing in Brexitland

Consultant Joseph Henry reveals public perceptions on the ground as Brexit unfolds in the UK.

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Leader. Diplomat. Legend of Muhammed Ali.

We look at the work and life of American boxer Muhammad Ali, who through his actions and words, served as the people's diplomat.

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How to Improve your Job Prospects in Diplomacy in 3 Months

Unfortunately, only 51% of social science graduates get into full-time positions with less than 4% entering jobs that is relevant to their degree of aspiration.

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Year of the Arabs: Why Middle Eastern Diplomats Are Today's Role Models

For the first time, Ambassadors from the Middle East sweep up awards from Grassroot Diplomat, proving to the world that the region is advancing in civil society.

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Creating the Best Diplomats

CEO Talyn Rahman-Figueroa describes new programmes that Grassroot Diplomat is developing to ensure that we are creating the absolute best diplomats on the ground.

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Growing Expertise for the Diplomatic World

Board Member Vanessa Thevathasan offers a quarterly summary of Grassroot Diplomat's latest activities and innovations from July to September 2016.

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Hello! I'm Sandra Francius.

Why French citizen Sandra Francius became a grassorot diplomat.

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Ambassador of Sports and Interfaith Diplomacy

It is rare for an Ambassador to work so hard on issues that are not too close to the embassy mission. That is why we awarded the Polish Ambassador with the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award.

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Solidarity in Commonality
Top Tips on How Every Diplomat Can Become Influential
Indonesian Ambassador Leaves Mission with a Bang
Choosing to Lead Happy

Talyn Rahman-Figueroa, CEO of Grassroot Diplomat, shares an intimate moment on when she realised leading for happiness serves people better than leading out of fear. See what she means in her latest Founder's blog.

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Abseiling for Hearing Loss
How to Defend your Ideas without the Risk