Personal Branding for Diplomats

Grassroot Diplomat specialises in bespoke personal brand coaching for diplomats of all countries, who want to improve their status, career and image. Diplomats - whether on an official, voluntary or honorary capacity, have the power to change negative stereotypes and misconceptions about their cause and country. Use this privilege to really drive change so that your life has a true and meaningful purpose that can change the lives of others.


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Personal Brand Coaching for Diplomats
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Personal Brand Coaching for Diplomats
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As part of the consultation, you will:

  • Work with the CEO (Talyn Rahman-Figueroa)

  • Understand how to create a brand using your skills and personality

  • Identify your unique selling points and complete a SWOT analysis

  • Learn how to create a brand that your stakeholders can identify with

  • Learn how a brand can help you push your strategic career goals

  • Develop a unique personal identity and coherent message that sets you apart from others

  • Complete a self-assessment of your current situation and future goals

  • Assess your current skills, experience and requirements

  • Flexible dates

  • 5% discount for future 1-2-1 sessions (10% off for members)


In addition to the services above, you will:

  • Understand how to use your personality and personal passions to create a brand that supports your national mission

  • Learn to define who your key stakeholders are and who you need to influence

  • Examine your clothes, demeanour, use of language, and attitude


In addition to the services above, you will:

  • Assess of your clothes, demeanour, use of language, and attitude

  • Craft an external image that suits the world of international relations

  • Align your external image to match the internal image of yourself and your digital persona

  • Craft a personal brand that is authentic both online and offline

  • Learn how to represent your country, cause or mission on a public stage using yourself as a brand and example

  • Learn how to break deadlocks and negotiate on behalf of specific stakeholders that are entrusted to you

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Whether you are a career diplomat, a celebrity, an honorary representative or a practitioner, you are entrusted with a message to influence and change the minds of others. A job as serious as this requires critical thinking and careful management to protect not only your reputation and honour, but those who entrusted the job to you.

Become an exemplary ambassador by using yourself as an example for what your country, charity or people truly offers to the world. This unique and highly personalised consultation will teach you more about yourself without spending a lifetime trying to figure things out. We will go through everything from your clothes, attitude, and skills to your beliefs and understanding of the world with an aim to create a personal brand that fits your life, mission and purpose.

Choose between a quick speed session or a fuller session with our CEO, Talyn Rahman-Figueroa (author of the "Diplomatic Planner"). At the end of the consultation, you will have a ready-made action plan to bring your personal brand to life that is easy to apply. Consultations are usually conducted via webcam, unless a face-to-face session has been booked.

Please note that we highly recommend an in-person session and we are willing to travel to clients around the world.




CEO, Grassroot Diplomat

Talyn is an expert in both diplomacy AND personal development. Here's a quick snapshot...

A trained British diplomat, Talyn Rahman-Figueroa has been working in diplomacy for more than 10 years as a Consultant, Strategist, Creative Producer and Executive Director. She has created a niche in the field of diplomacy, working alongside foreign governments and various public sector bodies in improving government communications on a public-facing level. Talyn coaches public diplomats on creating a personal brand, finding the right balance between managing personal ethics and conflicting national interests. She is the lead coach at the Grassroot Diplomat Online Academy where she offers tutorials, case studies, podcasts, and practical exercises for practitioners to create the best version of themselves in a complex and highly bureaucratic environment.

Talyn has a proven track record of operating at senior level, answering directly to senior management and Board of Directors. Consequently, she has assisted various foreign government projects including the NHS, the British Government and the Qatari Government, and continues to consult with clients working directly on government projects. This includes working with politicians and state governments in improving their public brand and image for various campaigns.

Talyn has a natural affinity for visual communications and continues to advice governments and public sector bodies on strategic communications. A trained diplomat, she is the director and producer of several podcast shows including Grassroot Diplomat Talks and Diplomacy Engage, the lead consultant for all digital diplomacy and public diplomacy projects, and the author of "Women in Diplomacy". Talyn recently published the “Diplomatic Planner” - a highly visual 12-month career development toolkit for international relations to help practitioners overcome ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interests in this red-tape field.