Digital Diplomacy Consultation

Digital Diplomacy Consultation


1. Website Consulting and Development

Embassies that are poorly represented online are perceived poorly offline.

We work exclusively with foreign embassy missions with an aim to create a positive and strong online representation for your country.

The world communicates online and so should embassies. As the official representative of the country, your embassy website tells the story of your country and may be contributing to enhancing negative stereotypes and misconceptions that curb investment and tourism. Visually appealing information are better at attracting and engaging new people. This isn't typical of traditional embassy websites. 

Grassroot Diplomat ensures that your embassy is the number one source of information on your country and will help you to tell the right story - something technical web developers cannot offer. Grassroot Diplomat will captivate your audience and ensure that your website presents an accurate and modern image of your country. Our team are specialists in diplomacy and communications strategy, making Grassroot Diplomat the best partner to develop and deliver your digital narrative.


  • Full design consultation

  • Clean and modern design

  • Secure and optimised website

  • Website viewable on mobiles and tablets

  • Up to 24 carefully selected stock images and graphics

  • Editing of all marketing content

  • Web hosting

  • Domain mapping to new website from existing websites

  • Monthly consultation with embassy

  • Half day training on how to maintain website

  • Turn around within 12 weeks

ADD-ONS for fully customised design

  • Integrated social media pages

  • Research and review of public perception of nation country

  • Video integration

  • Brand new domain

  • Additional changes to website after delivery

  • Search Engine Optimisation for greater visibility

  • Custom design logo

  • Web support and troubleshooting (2hrs per month)

  • Monthly blog and edits to keep website fresh

  • Professional content write-up for website

  • Monthly report on tracking and statistics

  • Fully integrated online visa application and processing system

  • Downloadable visa app for handheld devices accessible

  • 5 additional pages on website

Advance service includes:

  • Customised visa process and implementation system online

  • Visa app download option directly from website

  • Customised visa app

2. Social Media Management

Be visible and take control of your message.

Stay engaged with your stakeholders and build positive relationships.

Active use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram immediately positions your embassy as a modern, dynamic and active role-player in public diplomacy. Consistent engagement on social media will help your embassy to control its image and communication and tell the story that best serves your objectives.

Grassroot Diplomat will monitor all social media engagements through monthly consultations with the embassy to ensure that your messaging is accurate and interactive. Grassroot Diplomat will help your embassy create positive media that truly benefits your country.


  • Set-up of Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram accounts

  • Monthly consultation with Press Attaché

  • Monthly report on tracking and statistics

  • Strategic consultation and marketing timeline for weekly posts on all social media platforms

  • Consultation on how to interact with followers and provide appropriate responses

MONTHLY ADD-ONS for fully customised service:

  • Custom design cover page for social media

  • Daily Weekday Instagram feed

  • Daily Weekday Facebook feed

  • Daily Weekday Instagram feed

  • Monthly report on tracking and statistics

  • 2-3 tweets per day on Twitter

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