Career Launch Counselling (2 sessions)

Career Launch Counselling (2 sessions)


As part of this programmes, you will:

  • Get a free digital copy of the “Diplomatic Planner”

  • Work directly with the CEO (Talyn Rahman-Figueroa) via webcam

  • Complete a self-assessment of your current situation and future goals

  • Get your resume and cover letter reviewed by an expert in the field

  • Gain an understanding on niche areas you can specialise in based on your skills assessment, current life situation and personality

  • Arrange a second session six months after the first consultation

  • Develop an action plan to help you with next steps

  • Be offered flexible dates that is suitable for your schedule

  • Get 5% off future coaching sessions

  • Get 10% off for any #bossdiplomat products

Book session

Once your place has been secured, a member of our team will schedule your first session. In the unlikely case that you don't hear from us, you can contact You will also get a link to the “Diplomatic Planner”. Please accept as soon as possible.